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Field Services: Soil testing

Field Services: Soil testing

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Test Method Title

Standard Test Method for Field Measurement of Infiltration Rate Using a Double-Ring Infiltrometer With A Sealed Inner Ring

Reference Number

ASTM D5093


Field Soil

Test Property

Permeability, Flow Rate

Description of Test

The infiltration rate of water through soil is measured using a double-ring infiltrometer with a sealed or covered inner ring. The infiltrometer consists of an open outer and a sealed inner ring. The rings are embedded and sealed in trenches excavated in the soil. Both rings are filled with water such that the inner ring is submerged. The rate of flow is measured by connecting a flexible bag filled with a known weight of water to a port on the inner ring. As water infiltrates into the ground from the inner ring, an equal amount of water flows into the inner ring from the flexible bag. After a known interval of time, the flexible bag is removed and weighted. The weight loss, converted to a volume is equal to the amount of water that has infiltrated into the ground. An infiltration rate is then determined from this volume of water, the area of the inner ring and the interval of time.

Preferred Test Sample Size

Number of Test Specimens

project specific

Test Specimen Size

12 ft x 12 ft


coefficient of permeability; hydraulic conductivity, infiltration rate; infiltrometer, double-ring, flow rate

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