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Foreign Soils

‹‹Transporting Soil Samples

Sending GeoTesting Express samples from outside the United States*

PDFSending Foreign Samples

If you wish to send GeoTesting Express samples from a regulated area*, you must first request a special "PPQ Form 550 Black/White" label (see Figure 1) directly from us. You may do so by calling (978-635-0424) or e-mailing ( We will e-mail you as many labels as you require (one label is required for each package being shipped). Once you have the labels, they must be affixed to the outside of each container being shipped. In addition, a copy of our "Permit to Receive Soil" (issued by the United States Department of Agriculture – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Plant Protection and Quarantine) must be included in each container. A copy of this permit is available by clicking below.

Figure 1. Example PPQ Form 550 Black/White Label

PPQ Form 550

To help in packaging and shipping, the following guidelines (directly from our "Permit to Receive Soil") should be followed

  • A copy of this permit must accompany all shipments authorized under this permit.
  • All solid wood packing material (SWPM) accompanying the shipment must be in compliance with ISPM 15 treatment regulations and IPPC stamp requirements and enforcement. Noncompliant shipments will be treated, re-exported or destroyed at the consignee's expense.
  • Soil must be shipped in a securely closed, watertight container (primary container, test tube, vial, etc.) which must be enclosed in a second, durable watertight container (secondary container).
  • The shipment must be free from foreign matter or debris, plants and plant parts including noxious weeds and infestations by other macroorganisms such as insects, Cyst nematodes, mollusks and acari. Authorized material found to be commingled with unauthorized material will be subject to the same action (i.e. re-export, destruction) as unauthorized material.
  • You must attach a PPQ Form 550 Black/White label to the exterior of each shipment being imported under this permit.
  • Underlying packaging/wrapping must carry the address, billing, and any other information required to direct the shipment to its final destination (i.e., the permit holder's address).

*Locations from which soil is regulated include:

  • Anyplace from outside the United States (except most parts of Canada)
  • Hawaii
  • US Territories
  • Any other parts of the United States under federal quarantine as authorized under 7CFR301 regulations

Permit to Receive Soil

PDFForeign Soil Entry Permit - GTX-MA

PDFForeign Soil Entry Permit - GTX-GA