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Vibration Monitoring in Real-Time

W. Allen Marr, PhD, NAE, CEO and Founder of Geocomp
Antonios Vytiniotis, PhD, Director at Geocomp and Group Lead Massachusetts Consulting

Geocomp offers a comprehensive set of construction vibration monitoring services to help you monitor and control the impacts of vibrations on people and infrastructure during piling, blasting, compaction and other construction activities.

We provide state-of-the-art seismographs and geophones from Instantel which continuously monitor vibrations and instantly alerts you by email or text when project limits are exceeded.

Systems are available for rental and purchase from our offices in Los Angeles California, Boston Massachusetts, Atlanta Georgia, Chicago Illinois and New York.

Our Vibration Monitoring Services

  • Rental and leasing of portable seismographs and sensors
  • Web-based monitoring and reporting
  • Periodic reports structured to project requirements
  • Vibration monitoring system design
  • Evaluation and interpretation of results
  • Integration into larger monitoring systems
  • Recommendation measures to reduce vibration levels
  • Solar power, noise/vibration combination unit, and visual and audible site alarm options available
vibration monitoring helps prevent property damage, project delays and litigation

Vibration Monitor Rentals

Automated Vibration Meters automated vibration meters
  • Real-time data
  • Website display
  • Email alerts
Portable Vibration Meters portable vibration meters
  • Manual operation
  • Computer download
  • Simple and low cost
Bespoke Vibration Meters bespoke vibration meters
  • Solar-powered
  • Vandal proof
  • Site alarms
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