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Dams And Waste Retention Structures

Geocomp excels in the geotechnical aspects of the design and assessment of dams and waste retention facilities, including those for tailings, coal combustion residuals, slimes, dredged materials and solid wastes. Our strengths in site characterization, lab and field testing, analysis, performance monitoring and risk assessment help us provide a holistic assessment of the stability and safety of the structure and advise management on the options to maintain and/or improve these elements to control risks. We use our “Best Appropriate Practices” approach to develop recommendations that help management balance risks and costs. Our goal is to inform management of their options and their respective risks so that it can make risk-informed decisions. We constantly focus on identifying options that save money and reduce risks without compromising safety. Specific technical strengths Geocomp applies to this practice area include:

  • Application of geophysical and field testing equipment with GIS models to develop comprehensive site models of subsurface conditions.
  • Use of advanced field and laboratory testing equipment to obtain characteristic mechanical and physical properties of soil and rock for analysis and design.
  • Advanced 2D and 3D computer models to analyze and predict future performance for a facility or a design concept.
  • Instrumentation installed in the facility to monitor actual performance in real-time so that unexpected performance can be detected and remedial measures implemented to mitigate consequences.
  • Evaluation and assessment of facility performance to determine its level of safety and needed improvements to achieve a target level of risk.

Tailings Dam

We principally serve as advisors to management regarding the condition of existing facilities and development of new ones and as consultants to AEC firms and contractors on the specific design and construction of new facilities. We also provide expert services to teams involved in forensic investigations and litigations.