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Bridge Monitoring

Bridge Monitoring Geocomp's structural monitoring program provides actionable real-time data for the following key risk indicators:

  • General strain and principle stresses
  • Load testing for load rating
  • Loads and stress losses
  • Fatigue life prediction of steel girders, steel plates and other steel members
  • Frequency, modal shape and damping estimation
  • Rotation of piers, decks, bearings, abutments and other members
  • Displacements of expansion joints, bearings and other members
  • Corrosion detection and progression
  • Geometry and settlement of bridges
  • Wind speed, precipitation, visibility, temperature and atmospheric pressure measurements
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Noise monitoring
  • Cable stay vibrations and wire break detection
  • Detection of bridge strikes, ship impacts and extreme events
  • Stresses, loads and geometry changes during bridge moves

Collectively, monitoring can ultimately increase the quality and cost effectiveness of decisions by providing reliable and unbiased information for:

  • Life-time monitoring
  • Structural maintenance
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Asset management
  • Long term performance monitoring
  • Performance validation
  • Finite Element (FE) model calibration
  • Safety and failure warnings
  • Litigation reduction
  • Adjacent construction monitoring
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