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Dam Monitoring

Geotechnical and Structural Instrumentation

  • Design of instrumentation and monitoring systems
  • Install manual and automated Instrumentation systems
  • Maintenance, repair and troubleshooting existing instrumentation and monitoring systems
  • Upgrade/Automate existing manual instrumentation systems
  • Design, build and Install data acquisition systems
  • Design and install complex communications networks for accessing data from extreme/ remote locations

Monitoring and Data Management with iSiteCentral®

  • Stability and Performance monitoring with real-time actionable data on emerging risk
  • Web based platform can be accessed by any web enabled device (phone, tablet, or computer)
  • GIS based maps and charts
  • Remote interface to view, enter, and manipulate data remotely
  • Automated alerts for sensor threshold exceedance events
  • Centralized document management system for reports, plans, photos, boring logs, and instrument calibrations
  • Data and documents can be tagged in space and time for fast and easy search and retrieval
  • Automated reporting tools with Word and Excel add-ins
  • Integrated data from many sources including operations system monitoring – pump status, run-times, flow rates, etc.
  • Virtually unlimited storage
  • Ideal for institutional stakeholders to monitor and manage an unlimited number of project sites on a single platform
Willow Island Dam Monitoring USACE Center Hill Dam Monitoring

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