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Monitoring at Geocomp

Geocomp designs, installs and manages comprehensive web-based performance and monitoring programs for all types of civil engineering structures. We provide instrumentation and monitoring services to owners and contractors on projects anywhere in the world. We specialize in real-time monitoring services where we collect data from any type of sensor and send it to your web-enabled devices within seconds. We provide a cloud-based service in a GIS environment where you can see graphs and tables of historical data with the latest reading on your device anytime, anywhere.

We monitor any aspect of performance of a civil engineering structure for which sensor data can be obtained, including:

  • Structural deformations in three dimensions
  • Structural health
  • Stress and strain
  • Subsurface movements in three dimensions
  • Vibrations and accelerations
  • Crack development and growth
  • Pore water pressure in soils and rocks
  • Noise and dust
  • Flow rate and turbidity of surface water
Instrumentation and Monitoring Instrumentation and Monitoring

Our Monitoring Staff

W. Allen Marr
W. Allen Marr, P.E., Ph.D., NAE

Geotechnical Engineer with experience in instrumentation and real-time performance monitoring of dams, tunnels, bridges, deep excavations, slopes and embankments. Dr. Marr is a recognized leader for instrumentation and monitoring of civil works projects around the world.

Ryan Drefus
Ryan Drefus, P.E.

Practice Area Leader in geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring of large transportation and infrastructure projects in dense urban areas consisting of buildings, tunnels, bridges and more.

Aaron Epstein
Aaron Epstein, P.E.

Professional Engineer in geotechnical and environmental disciplines with expertise in instrumentation and monitoring of roadways, bridges, buildings (commercial, residential, government), dams, tunnels, and MSE walls.

Ian McCusker
Ian McCusker

Lead Instrumentation Project Manager with specialized knowledge in automated and manual data acquisition, vibration monitoring, rail track deformation monitoring, condition surveying, and geotechnical instrumentation.

Ray Patel
Ritesh Patel

Project Manager in geotechnical and structural instrumentation & monitoring, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting geotechnical instruments in the New York City area on various bridges, retaining walls, buildings and tunnels.

Rob Nyren
Rob Nyren, Ph.D., D.I.C.

Senior Project Manager specializing in response of ground and structures to deep excavation and tunneling. Instrumentation and real-time monitoring system design, implementation and integration for various structure types including bridges, tunnels, retaining structures, and waste containment facilities.