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Lab Services: Geosynthetic testing

Lab Services: Geosynthetic testing

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Test Method Title

Standard Test Method for Determining the Internal and Interface Shear Resistance of Geosynthetic Clay Liner by the Direct Shear Method

Reference Number

ASTM D6243


Geosynthetic Clay Liner

Test Property

Internal shear, Interface shear, cohesion, friction angle

Description of Test

The shear resistance internal to GCL or between GCL and another geosynthetic or soil is determined by placing the GCL and one other material (soil or geosynthetic) into a direct shear box. A constant normal stress representative of field conditions is applied to the specimen and a tangential shear force is applied to the apparatus so that one section of the box moves in relation to the other section. The shear force is recorded as a function of the horizontal displacement of the moving section of the shear box. This is conducted a minimum of three times at three different normal stresses to model appropriate field conditions.

Preferred Test Sample Size

Number of Test Specimens


Test Specimen Size

13" wide x 24" long


internal, interface, shear, friction, angle, direct, interaction

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