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Laboratory Geosynthetic Testing | Internal/Interface Shear

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interface shear testing

GTX is fully equipped to perform interface and internal shear tests of geosynthetics and soil-geosynthetic interfaces. Interface and internal shear testing of geosynthetics is usually required when geosynthetic materials are used on sloping ground. The test measures peak and post-peak shear strength, which allows the determination of peak and post-peak friction angles. Our fully automated interface shear test devices run tests 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These devices give us complete control of testing parameters, such as normal load, consolidation/hydration time, shear rate, and drainage conditions. We have equipment to apply normal loads as low as 0.5 psi (72 psf) to as high as 250 psi (36,000 psf). This flexibility and control allows us to replicate field conditions and perform the test to your exact requirements. Equipped with 14 shear boxes for direct, interface, and internal shear, we provide you with accurate test results and the quickest turnaround possible.

interface shear output 1 interface shear output 2