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Lab Services: Soil testing

Lab Services: Soil testing

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Standard Method of Test for The California Bearing Ratio

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This test method is used to evaluate the potential strength of subgrade, subbase, and base course material, including recycled materials for use in road and airfield pavements. The CBR value obtained in this test forms an integral part of several flexible pavement design methods. For applications where the effect of compaction water content of CBR is small, such a cohesionless, coarse-grained materials, or where an allowance is made for the effect of differing compaction water contents in the design procedure, the CBR may be determined at the optimum water content of a specified compaction effort. The dry unit weight specified is normally the minimum percent compaction allowed by the using agencies field compaction specification. For applications where the effect of compaction water content on CBR is unknown or where it is desired to account for its effect, the CBR is determined for a range of water content, usually the range of water content permitted for field compaction by using agencies field compaction specification. The criteria for test specimen preparation of self cementing (and other) materials which gain strength with time must be based on a geotechnical engineering evaluation. As directed by the engineer, self cementing materials shall be properly cured until bearing ratios representing long term service conditions can be measured.

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Test Specimen Size

5600 grams


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